Conversations 2: More of the Most Insightful Marketing Interviews & Compelling Conversations with the People Behind the Brands


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Ebook: 94-page PDF

20 of the most insightful, entertaining and surprising marketing interviews, from the ABC to Xero.

"One of the great pleasures of a job like mine is having the opportunity to meet and talk with so many and varied people from all around the world," says editor of Marketing, Peter Roper.

"It’s a learning opportunity for me as much as I hope it is for the reader. Conversations, or Q&As, have the greatest ability to capture a person’s voice and tone, and therefore their personality. For learning from a single individual, they’re superior, in my opinion, to a journalist-written profile, as those necessarily bring in the author’s own angle on whatever the ‘story’ is.

"And while, yes we choose the questions and edit for clarity and structure, we try to keep the interviewee’s voice as particular as possible in the hope that the reader can experience a close approximation to what we experienced in that conversation. As well as a digest of insightful and inspiring conversations, we hope this collection acts as a sort of snapshot of what the thinkers and doers of Australian marketing were talking about in 2015. Enjoy."


  • Alvaro Marquez on redesigning Aunty
  • Andy Lark on Xero’s beautiful X-factor
  • Casey Hyun on Hyundai’s design-led road to success
  • Cindy Gallop on disrupting sex, diversity and shared value
  • Darren Woolley explains the ‘Service Enhancement Levy’ sprung on AMI members
  • David Lawson & Linda Jukic on Bayer’s design-led leadership summit
  • Dorus van den Biezenbos on the threat of the nimble middlemen
  • Fredrik Magnusson on the Ericsson documentary making infrastructure inspiring
  • Guy Kawasaki on democratising design and the golden age of marketing
  • James Kliemt on Queensland Police Service’s Facebook success
  • Jay Greene on the diverse applications of design thinking in business
  • Jodie Fox on how Shoes of Prey is disrupting traditional and online retail
  • Jonathan Kerr on Budget Direct’s uninsurable brand mascot
  • Mia Blume on product design and design thinking at Pinterest
  • Peter Shankman on tall poppy syndrome and Zombie Loyalists
  • Philippa Bartlett on BoQ’s radically redesigned branch experience
  • Phil Gomm on fintech disruption and falling customer experience ratings
  • Rachel Botsman on why major brands and startups are joining the collaborative economy
  • Straith Schreder on why BitTorrent is a technology for good (and profit), and
  • Tyler Brûlé on Monocle brand extensions, branded content and making money with print.