Internet of Things: A Marketing Manager's Definitive Briefing

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Learn how to build digital bridges in a connected world.

Explore the opportunities and challenges for brands in a connected world in this 20-page briefing developed especially for the marketing managers of Australia and New Zealand.

'Internet of Things: A Marketing Manager's Definitive Briefing' includes input from IBM, McKinsey, ADMA, Philips and more. Understand how the internet of things (IoT) is creating challenges and opportunities for marketing departments in Australia and the world.


  • Executive summary
  • Foreword by Ian Wong, partner and interactive experience lead, IBM Australia and New Zealand
  • Infographic: The Internet of Things ecosystem
  • Feature: Building digital bridges in a connected world
  • The debate: “There are no industries for which the connected world will not be a disruptive force.” Respondents: Dave Maunsell, Accenture Digital, Ian Wong, IBM Australia and New Zealand, and Steve Hallam, Deloitte Digital
  • Opinion: Marketers must balance commerce against confidence to keep consumers onside – Daad Soufi, ADMA
  • Opinion: Connected light and devices brings marketing and IT even closer – Gerben van der Lugt, Philips


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