Artificial Intelligence: A Marketing Manager's Definitive Briefing

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Learn how AI will change how brands serve customers and how marketers do their job.

As enterprise tech companies work hard to capitalise on the smart computing power promised by artificial intelligence (AI), the market is flooded with promises of what it will bring.

The noise, predictably, brings excitement and confusion in equal measure. What will AI technology actually mean for marketers and the brands they manage? The short answer is that the hype is true: AI will significantly change how marketers go about their day-to-day tasks as well as how brands design and implement customer experiences.

Participating organisations: Google, CSIRO, IBM, Facebook, UNSW, frog, Forrester, Direction First, Freshdesk, Rocket Fuel, Pega, Hubspot, Salesforce, Oracle and Topbots. 


  • Executive summary
  • Feature: What artificial intelligence means for brands
  • Data viz: 
    • Enterprise AI Landscape
    • What consumers really think about AI
  • Brain Trust: ‘It’s 2027: how has artificial intelligence changed how I work?’
  • Viewpoints:
    • Fabio Sergio, frog: Health advice in the age of machine intelligence
    • Sreelesh Pillai, Freshdesk: Five ways AI is bringing brands closer to their customers
    • Matthew Jorgenson, Direction First: I’m a marketing research chatbot: ask me anything
    • Jennifer Wise, Forrester: The rise of intelligent agents


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