Repositioning Barcelona for Business and Leisure

Case Study

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Barcelona is a city exceeding 1.6 million inhabitants and, as capital of Catalonia (Spain), it is the centre of a metropolitan area with a total population of about five million. Thanks to its strategic geolocation, Barcelona is one of the main economic engines of the Mediterranean, establishing itself as a centre for attracting foreign investment (€4 billion).

This has led to the creation of a favourable environment for the proliferation of companies and start-ups, resulting in a city cluster of over 7000 businesses, as well as a local population entrepreneurial activity rate (EAR) of 6.7 percent, ranking above figures in Germany, France and Finland.

In 2012, the Communications Department of the City of Barcelona began developing a new storytelling and positioning for the city based on new strategic sectors that invite active participation of everyone involved with the brand.

This nine-page case study comprises an in-depth exploration of the strategy and execution work undertaken by Barcelona City Council over two years that created a new brand management model, developed a new story that tied to all its strategic sectors and positioned Barcelona as an open, creative and vibrant city for business and leisure.