Rhonda & Ketut: The Insurance Campaign that Stole Australia's Heart

Case Study

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The motor insurance market in Australia is mature, highly competitive and its growth has plateaued. Nowadays the only real way to grow is to steal customers from competitors. And therein lies the challenge. Customers come into the market 52 weeks of the year, so there is a constant challenge for brands to ensure they’re top of mind when the time comes for consumers to enquire about a policy.

However, insurance is a commoditised market and, according to consumers, there is very little differentiation between insurers, which leads to lethargy when it comes to deciding whether to stay or change. Brands have constantly tried to differentiate themselves or be noticed, but they are mostly still overlooked.

So if people won’t take notice of brands, how do they distinguish themselves and stand out from the crowd? And how can AAMI get people to switch from their existing insurer to grow its brand?

This is an extended and updated version of this case study following the series' conclusion in 2014. It takes you inside the strategy, execution and extraordinary results of the AAMI campaign that captured Australia’s heart.