Design Thinking: A Marketing Manager's Definitive Briefing

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What is design thinking? Is it only for designers? (Spoiler:no.) How is it a strategic resource? And why does Deloitte's CMO credit design thinking with saving the business?

This 20-page trend briefing has been developed especially for marketing managers in Australia and New Zealand and explores the power of the design thinking approach.

It includes input from leading experts and organisations such as Roberto Verganti, the Design Management Institute, Deloitte, Designworks, FutureBrand, RMIT University and more.


  • Foreword by Roberto Verganti
  • Special guest introduction by Design Management Institute
  • Feature: Why we need design thinking
  • Infographic: Visualising design thinking: the process
  • Infographic: Visualising design thinking: Deloitte’s model
  • The debate: ‘Design’s role in business is unquantifiable’
  • Opinion: Redesigning the bumblebee by David Redhill
  • Opinion: What cows can teach us about empathy by Felicity Mitchem
  • Opinion: The new experience paradigm by Simon Stacey


This product is delivered as a single PDF file.