Conversations: 20 of the Most Insightful Interviews & Compelling Conversations with the People Behind the Brands


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Ebook: 55-page PDF

Conversations is a 50-page compendium comprising the most insightful, entertaining and surprising Marketing interviews, in the words of the marketers in the know.


  • Ryan Holiday on marketing’s flaws
  • Craig Smith on Ted Baker
  • Samantha Goldworm on scent branding
  • John Jay on creativity
  • Jeff Gomez on transmedia storytelling
  • Natalie Feehan on Austr(al)ia
  • Philip Kotler on compassion
  • Emily Houlahan on Chobani
  • David Roman on building premium
  • Phil Phelan on programmable matter
  • Tim Sutton on managing across APAC
  • Boden Westover on smart PR
  • Nicole Parker on Nespresso
  • Woolworths on experimentation
  • Ian Webster on the bank of the future
  • SY Lau on Tencent’s ascent
  • Keith Mercier on Watson in retail
  • Ray Bull on branding religion
  • Chris Sanderson on the future, and
  • Jacob’s Creek on China.